The Grande Patissiere

A Kill la Kill weight gain art pack

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Harime Nui has taken up a new hobby as Pâtissière, and her cakes are quickly expanding the waistlines of all Honnouji students...


  • 16 fully realized pin-ups

  • 11 Alts (5 story alts, 6 clean edits)

  • 12 Bonus sketches (7 sketches for the pack that were replaced, 5 focusing on girls otherwise not in the pack

  • Guest art by ExtraBaggageClaim

Featuring Harime Nui, Kiryuin Satsuki, Jakuzure Nonon and Matoi Ryuko.

Featured in Sketches: Mako and Sukuyo Mankanshoku, Kiryuin Ragyou, Nudist Beach Gal and Nonon.

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